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God is a Womble

Today is Trinity Sunday, when the church takes a deep breath and engages with one of its most exciting ideas, that of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This falls at a really good time for me, coming as it does at following the week when I have been studying the way in which […]

Changing Stories

Tonight we pick up the story leading up to Easter. This is Palm Sunday, named after the palm branches that the people in the crowds waved as they greeted Jesus, as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We read and thought about that episode in this morning’s service. By the time we get to […]


Tom is very excited. His dad has been away from home for what seems like forever. But, he is coming home today. All week Tom has been counting down the number of sleeps left before it will be the day that Dad is coming home. At school Tom has been telling his friends about how […]


Last week we met Hannah, a woman who was desperate for a child. A woman who, in some senses, was a symbol of the fruitless life that the people of God were living. A woman who came to the place of worship, poured out her distress to God, and received the promise of God with […]


I don’t know if this ever happens to you, sometimes I get home from an evening meeting and my wife will be sat watching the TV. Now, if it’s Casualty, then it’s fairly straightforward. I know basically who everybody is, the plot is fairly predictable and so, if I wanted to, I could pick up […]


Unchanging Daniel’s enemies thought that they knew what couldn’t be changed. They thought that they knew what was permanent. They thought that rules and regulations and laws couldn’t be changed. They wanted to destroy Daniel, so they watched him. They couldn’t find anything wrong with the way he went about his business or how he […]

Slavery and Freedom

This sermon was put together with the help of “Keystone”, the youth group at St Peter’s Church, Littleover. I really enjoyed spending some time with them over a couple of weeks, thinking about what it is to be Christlike, and particularly about this teaching from Jesus. This passage is about freedom and slavery, truth and […]


Happy New Year. You might think that this is a bit of an odd thing to say, but we’re in church, and the church can be a bit odd. One of the ways that it is odd, is that the church year begins about four weeks before Christmas, on the first Sunday of Advent, which […]

In Prison

Paul is in prison. He had come to this city in response to a vision he had experienced of a man of the area asking him to come over and help. On arrival in the city he had gone to the local place of worship, as was his normal practice and engaged in conversation with […]

It’s Just so Rich

There is something fantastic about fudge shops. When you go to your local Tesco’s you know that you can buy fudge, but it’s likely to be own brand, mass produced, only one or two flavours available. We went to the Lake District for our holidays and we stayed in Ambleside. In that town there are […]