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I wonder who you think of as being wise? Maybe you have a particular writer whose insights you value. Perhaps there is a figure from history that you look to and draw inspiration from. There may a member of your family, a friend, whose counsel and perspectives you seek out. Wisdom is more than education […]

James 1 – Ears, Mouth, Hands

I’ve been watching an American cop show recently, and in this show there is latino character whose names is Santiago. But he is called Jimmy by his friends and colleagues. If you’re familiar with the famous pilgrimage in Spain to St Iago de Compostella you might be able to work out why. Santiago is Spanish […]

Foundations of Worship

I wonder if anyone remembers a TV show called James May’s Toy Stories. In each episode James would aim to make something life size with toys. So there was a life size Spitfire made out of Airfix and a Scalextric track the length of a real race track. We’ve been rewatching them recently- I’m a […]

Living in Love and Faith

I wonder how your family deals with difficult conversations. When you know that something needs to be discussed, but nobody really wants to, because you’re afraid that it might be painful or expose disagreements. It’s sometimes said that you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion at a dinner party, as it will just lead to […]