Monthly Archives: August 2020

Questions of Identity

When I was at theological college, we had preaching classes. In one of these, the lecturer showed us clips from four different films, each depicting the scene that we’ve read about this morning. So many film makers have given us their version of this story, ranging from Charlton Heston in the 10 Commandments all the […]

Laziness and Work

As I was thinking about this morning’s theme, and the ideas of laziness and diligence that we’re exploring today, I was aware of this real tension that we have to keep hold of as we’re talking about them. On the one hand we’ve got lots of warnings in the Bible about the dangers of laziness, […]

Envy and Compassion

This morning we’re continuing our series looking at heroes and villains in the Bible, and how their stories can help us root out vices in our lives, and to encourage virtues. Our heroes and villains today are some of the most well known in the whole of the Bible. Andrew Lloyd-Webber has helped popularise the […]

Lust and Love

I thought more than twice about changing the subject for this morning’s sermon. It’s difficult enough to speak about these things when I can see who I’m talking to, when I can get some clues about how it’s landing with people. When I know that we’ve got prayer ministry folk around who can come alongside […]