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Lucozade and God

I wonder how many of you have seen this advertisement for the sports drink Lucozade. I first saw it a couple of weeks ago on the bill board on the station car park. I wonder how it makes you feel, what you think about this Biblical account being subverted and used to sell fizzy sugar […]

Soldier. Athlete. Farmer.

Having spent the last few weeks in Paul’s first letter to his friend Timothy, we now step into the second. The context is similar for Timothy, he is still in Ephesus, leading the church there. It seems, however, that Paul’s suffering has increased as he is imprisoned in Rome, and his reflections on that lead […]


I have a confession to make. I eat too quickly. I am almost always the first to finish my meal when I’m eating with others. It’s not that I deliberately rush or bolt my food, it’s just that my plate seems to get cleared pretty quickly. I never got the hang of chewing everything 30 […]