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Restoring Preaching

Every day, at exactly the same time, Margaret would go to the bathroom cabinet, open it, and take out a huge bottle of castor oil. Then she would head to the kitchen to get a tablespoon. At the sound of the drawer opening and the silverware rattling, Patches, her Yorkshire terrier, would run and hide […]

Bible Sunday 2015

Every year we go to New Wine, a great big Christian conference/holiday. One of the things about that type of event is that you have the opportunity to get some in depth Bible teaching. One year, there was something about the way the guy doing the Bible teaching held his Bible that really hit me. […]

In Prison

Paul is in prison. He had come to this city in response to a vision he had experienced of a man of the area asking him to come over and help. On arrival in the city he had gone to the local place of worship, as was his normal practice and engaged in conversation with […]