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There are a lot of ups and downs to being a Dad, and also quite a few ups and downs to having a Dad. This morning we’re beginning a series of sermons exploring the character and personality of the first person of the Trinity. Today we’ll be thinking about what God is like as Father […]

Telling Story, Answering Questions

I understand that over the last couple of months you have been working your way through Luke’s account of Jesus’ life, and have, in the weeks since Easter ended up at the beginning of Acts, also written by Luke, just leading up to Pentecost. Have I got that right? This morning, I’d like to start […]

Children of God

I’m really pleased to be here, with the opportunity to preach this morning. Of course, I’m always enjoy preaching, especially to such a fine bunch of folks as you lot, but today I’m especially excited. That is because today is Trinity Sunday, and I love the Trinity. I think that it is one of the […]


Jesus was sent by the Holy Spirit into the desert for forty days. Jesus is right at the beginning of his public ministry. He had just had one of the most awesome spiritual experiences that anybody could ever have: he had been baptised, the Holy Spirit had descended into him to empower and equip him […]

God is a Womble

Today is Trinity Sunday, when the church takes a deep breath and engages with one of its most exciting ideas, that of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This falls at a really good time for me, coming as it does at following the week when I have been studying the way in which […]