Monthly Archives: February 2020

Choose Life

“Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suite […]


I’m going to start this morning in what might seem to be a slightly odd place, which is by addressing something that I now think that I missed in what I said last Sunday morning. You see, last week we were thinking about what it means to be expectant to meet with God, as part […]


Before we dive into looking in detail at this evening’s reading from Joshua, a bit of a reminder of some of the things that have happened in the lead up to the events described in this passage. How have the characters in the story got here? We’re not going to go right back to the […]


I wonder who here has special plans for this coming Friday? I can see that some of you are sat there thinking, “why should we have special plans for this Friday?” Who can enlighten our bemused brethren? It is, of course, Valentine’s Day. An opportunity to celebrate romantic love, particularly poignant perhaps for those in […]