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Pentecost Water

What is it about kids and water? My four year old, Nathaniel, came home from nursery this week one day and told me that they’d had something really special that day. They’d had the water guns out. But there was one rule. No squirting people. They’d cleaned the garden furniture, sprayed the walls of the […]

Changing Stories

Tonight we pick up the story leading up to Easter. This is Palm Sunday, named after the palm branches that the people in the crowds waved as they greeted Jesus, as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We read and thought about that episode in this morning’s service. By the time we get to […]


I don’t know if this ever happens to you, sometimes I get home from an evening meeting and my wife will be sat watching the TV. Now, if it’s Casualty, then it’s fairly straightforward. I know basically who everybody is, the plot is fairly predictable and so, if I wanted to, I could pick up […]