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Over the last few months in our evening services we have been exploring some of the great stories of Scripture, and how they might shape our lives and our sense of God’s mission and our mission in the world. We’ve talked about creation, vocation, liberation, formation, limitation and incarnation. We’ve discovered that we have been […]

Getting Involved in the Body

In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what’s the difference between the Chicken and the Pig? The Chicken is involved, but the Pig commits! This little riddle is used widely in motivational talks in a wide variety of contexts, from sports managers firing up their team before a match, to sales directors encouraging their sales teams to give […]

Palm Sunday 2024

Today’s sermon is brought to you by the letter C. The first “C” in our sermon is the colt. Does anybody know what a colt is? It’s a young horse, or in this case – donkey. Who can give me an action to help us remember the colt? Why is it important that Jesus rode […]


A few years ago I went down to London with Liz to see a show. Having a few hours to kill in the afternoon, we went to visit the British Museum. In one of the galleries there is a pair of three and a half metre tall statues. They show a winged lion with a […]

What does prophecy do?

I’ve got a few things in my bag this morning. I wonder if you can work out what they do. Some of you might know straight away, so please give those who don’t, time to have a look and a couple of attempts to work it out before putting us out of our misery. Just […]

Loving God with our actions

This term we are exploring together ways in which we can put our value of Loving God into practice through exploring ways of deepening our intimacy with God. Last week Ellie began the series by helping us think about how we spend our time, and how spending time with God can grow our love for […]

Vision 2024

I wonder how you feel about swimming. Just take a moment and think about it. If someone suggested going swimming to you, what would your gut reaction be? Perhaps you swim every day, or two or three times a week, and it would just be normal for you. Perhaps it would depend on where you’d […]

Advent 3 – Preparing

I wonder how your preparations for Christmas are going? The vicarage report card is, I think, pretty good. The decorations are up, thanks to Liz and the kids. I have bought the presents I’m in charge of. There have been a lot of deliveries, so I’m fairly sure that Liz has bought the presents she […]

Advent 2 – Baptism

I love Mark’s eye witness account of Jesus’ life. It seems to me to have been written by someone who wants to get on with it, to keep the action moving. As you read it through, you can barely catch breath as Mark jumps from one scene to another. The beginning sets the tone, none […]

All Saints 2024

Last Sunday morning I had the joy of visiting the young people’s groups in the Parish Centre. I went into Pathfinders, and they were in the middle of a conversation about the different ways that God speaks to us. They were talking about the Bible, and the Holy Spirit, about God speaking through other people, […]