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What is sin like?

This morning I would like us to think about the passage we heard read from Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. Because of their situation, the people who were part of this church understood one thing very clearly, but needed something else explained to them. They understood slavery and they needed sin to be […]

Glow, grow, and go.

What is this? It’s a box of Ready brek. Will anybody here admit to liking Ready brek? Does anybody remember the Ready brek ads on the telly? In those ads, what happens to the boys and girls when they eat Ready brek? They start glowing with this wierd orange glow, like a lightbulb has been […]

Say no to cynicism.

Cynicism. Ezekiel faced cynics, Jesus faced cynics, and Paul faced cynics. Those of little faith. Those who could not see past the ordinary. Past the slightly odd priest who was prone to have visions and dreams that were hard to understand. Past the man who we grew up with, whose brothers and sisters we know. […]