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What is the body for? – 1 Corinthians

Nice to see you, to see you ….. Brexit means …. A Mars a day helps you work, rest and …. Across the worlds of entertainment, politics, marketing we see the power of the slogan, the short phrase that catches people’s imagination, that is easily memorable, that captures the essence of an argument, a position, […]

God is There

God is there. God is here. God is everywhere. God is present. This is one of the basic Christian assertions. It is a belief that God exists, but it is more than that. It is an understanding that God exists and is present in and to creation. We do not believe in a God who […]

Oh Come All Ye, Get Full

I wonder if anybody here has seen the advertising billboard on the station car park? Can anybody remember what it says? It is an advert for a KFC “Colonel’s Christmas Banquet and it says this, “Oh Come All Ye, Get Full.” See what they’ve done there, “Oh Come All Ye, Get Full.” Now, I like […]

What do you see?

May God be gracious to us and bless usand make his face shine upon us,that your ways may be known on earth,your salvation among all nations. The first verse of this couplet is often used in our services, words of blessing, even greetings cards. It has a lovely ring to it: May God be gracious […]

Advent 4 – Joseph

They say that you wait ages for a bus to come along, and then two come along together. Well, here I am again for the second time in a month and, not only that, it’s the same Sunday as I talked on last year, The last Sunday of Advent, the last Sunday before Christmas. Last […]

It’s Just so Rich

There is something fantastic about fudge shops. When you go to your local Tesco’s you know that you can buy fudge, but it’s likely to be own brand, mass produced, only one or two flavours available. We went to the Lake District for our holidays and we stayed in Ambleside. In that town there are […]