Monthly Archives: May 2021

#doyouknowhimtelford – The King

This morning we’re continuing to focus on Jesus, and how we can know him better, by asking the question Do you know him? Over the last couple of weeks we’ve thought about his death and resurrection, and this week we pick up the story with his ascension, his return to heaven, and what it means […]

#doyouknowhimtelford The Risen One

This week we are continuing in our series looking at the question, “Do You Know Him?” Last week, David was helping us to think about knowing Jesus as the Crucified One, and we follow on from that this week, getting to know Jesus as the one who was raised to life. Why is this so […]

#doyouknowhimtelford The Crucified One

A couple of weeks ago we began asking, “do you know him” meeting Jesus, in the beginning, as the Word who was God and was with God. We saw his divinity as we recognised his creative power and authority at work in the creation of time, the universe, and everything in them. We heard from […]

#doyouknowhimtelford the Good Shepherd

Across the borough of Telford and Wrekin, the churches are joining together in asking the question, “Do you Know Him”. We’re asking it of ourselves, and of those around us. As part of this we are going to spend a couple of months, in our Sunday services, exploring different aspects of who Jesus is, so […]