Monthly Archives: September 2008

Are you coming or going?

This is a bar of Divine Chocolate. If anybody can work out the link between what I say this morning and Boy George then they can have it. You have until I leave the building this morning to work it out. The answer will be on next week’s notice sheet. As I was mulling over […]

Dance or Weep?

Is it just me, or is that gospel reading a bit odd. What on earth is going on? Jesus is teaching and some of John’s disciples come and see him to find out if he is the one that John had been waiting for and pointing to. Jesus points out all the signs of the […]


What makes people do the things that they do? What is it that motivates people? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? As I was watching the Olympics a couple of weeks ago these questions were going through my mind a bit. What really struck me was the respect that interviewers and […]

Rock and Salvation

I thought that this morning we might have a look at the Psalm that is set for today. To help with this, I have printed out copies for you, so that you can take it away and perhaps reflect back on it. It might feel a bit odd to be engaging with a Psalm like […]