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Why Pray?

As natural as breathing. That’s how people describe something that just happens, something you don’t have to think about it, something your body looks after for you. Nobody asks Why breathe? It’s obvious. If you don’t breathe you’re going to die. And we don’t ask, “Why breathe?” because, generally, that’s not much chance of us […]

Persecuted for Righteousness?

Summer’s finally here, so we’ve been told all this week. The thermometer’s hit the roof, and pallid knees are being exposed across the nation. Summer’s here so are we in shape for it? It’s been a tough week this week. Lots going on, and to top it off, preparing something to say this morning. And […]

Encountering God in Work

Last week, Charlie talked about the various amounts of time that he’d calculated he would be spending in various activities in his life. Now, I reckon that I’m going to spend about 83,200 hours of my life working, about 20% of my waking hours. That’s quite a big chunk and if I’m not Encountering God […]

Advent 4 – Mary

During Advent, this time of waiting and preparation before Christmas, our services have been themed around, “The Return of the King”. We started by thinking about the quality of our wait for the return of our King, Jesus. Are we fearful, unsure what to expect, or expectant and focussed. We went on to start thinking […]

Advent 4 – Joseph

They say that you wait ages for a bus to come along, and then two come along together. Well, here I am again for the second time in a month and, not only that, it’s the same Sunday as I talked on last year, The last Sunday of Advent, the last Sunday before Christmas. Last […]

Helmet of Salvation

Equipment lists. I’m sure you’re all familiar with them. You’re starting a new school and it consists of the correct number of sweatshirts, socks, football shirts, all with name tags. You’re going to camp and it’s all sleeping bags, knives and forks and warm clothing. Name tags again. You’re off to college and it’s mostly […]

The Bible

We went to New Wine, a great big Christian conference/holiday a couple of weeks ago. One of the things about that type of event is that you have the opportunity to get some in depth Bible teaching. Every morning we’d take the kids to their groups and head along to the Big Top for worship […]

Grace – Come Thirsty

Last week we started off on our journey through Lent, a journey that will explore some of the ideas of spiritual refreshment that are presented in the “Come Thirsty” course. Charlie invited us to come and drink at a well, the well of God’s refreshment for us. We were introduced to the idea that the […]

The Vision for the Finances of St Mary’s

Over the last weeks we’ve been looking in our Sermon Series at the development of the Vision for St Mary’s. We have a Big Vision: to see God’s Kingdom extended out of the centre of Luton. We have a Big Aim: to build a strong church of disciples of Jesus Christ, reaching out to others. […]

Christmas 2 – Epiphany

Tonight, getting towards the end of the Christmas season, we’re thinking about Epiphany. On Christmas day we celebrated what is called the Incarnation, that is when God became human. But in some senses today’s celebration is more important . That’s because it’s only through Epiphany that we know what God is up to. A baby […]