Tom is very excited. His dad has been away from home for what seems like forever. But, he is coming home today. All week Tom has been counting down the number of sleeps left before it will be the day that Dad is coming home. At school Tom has been telling his friends about how great his Dad is, taller than their Dads, the best Dad in the whole world, and he’s coming home. In show and tell on Friday morning Tom stood up and told the whole class about how he was going with his mum to the station to meet his Dad, his Dad who is coming home.

He woke up at five o’clock this morning and has been asking every ten minutes if it’s time to go and catch the bus yet. On the bus he chatters on excitedly to his mum about all the things that he and his dad are going to do now that he’s coming home. The other passengers overhear and smile to themselves.

Tom is sitting on a bench, on the platform, holding his mum’s hand, his feet swinging. Suddenly the train swishes alongside the platform and it’s all hustle and bustle, lots of people getting on and off. Where’s Tom’s dad?

There’s a man coming towards them, it looks a bit like his dad, but he’s shorter than Tom remembers, and he’s limping a bit. Tom’s mum stands up, but Tom ducks behind her legs, unsure, of the man and of himself. The man comes up to his mum and kisses her, softly and so tenderly, a kiss that Tom has not seen for a long time. His Dad is home.

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