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Love in Action

I was watching Holby City earlier in the week and there was a touching story line about a man whose wife had early onset Alzheimers. He was upset and was talking to one of the doctors about what it would mean. Then he shared with this doctor something that his Dad had said to him […]

Taking Sin Seriously

Did anybody see Casualty last night? I was struck with one of the story lines in particular. A middle aged white man and a young black man have a chance encounter in a pub. There is obviously some history between them. By a series of slightly contrived circumstances they both end up in the Emergency […]

Stirring it up a bit

So, here we are on the last Sunday of the Christian year. In the BCP tradition it is “Stir up” Sunday, a nickname that came from the first line of the BCP collect for this Sunday, “Stir up, O Lord, the wills of your faithful people, “ a prayer that we will pray later, after […]