Monthly Archives: September 2023

Where is the focus?

It’s all a matter of focus. I’m sure you’ve all seen those pictures which show different things, depending on how you look at them. Is it a candle stick, or two faces? How old is the woman in the picture? Is it a rabbit or a duck? What you see depends on many things – […]

The Early Church – Caring

I wonder if anyone remembers these? Perhaps you had one, or your children or grandchildren. Anyone going to own up? Now, I have two admissions to make. The first is that I thought that care bears were a thing of the past, but when I googled to find a picture of them, it became apparent […]

The Early Church – Baptism

This morning we are continuing our series exploring our communal life as a church community, by investigating the life of the early church as seen in Acts. As we read how the early church did things it gives a great opportunity to highlight and celebrate, as well as to look for ways in which we […]