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There are a lot of ups and downs to being a Dad, and also quite a few ups and downs to having a Dad. This morning we’re beginning a series of sermons exploring the character and personality of the first person of the Trinity. Today we’ll be thinking about what God is like as Father […]


Though sceptical of his teenage son’s newfound determination to build muscles, one father followed his teenager to the store’s weight–lifting department, where they admired a set of weights. “Please, Dad,” pleaded the teen, “I promise I’ll use ’em every day.” “I don’t know, son. It’s really a commitment on your part,” the father said. “Please, […]


How do you measure greatness? This question crops up perennially in the sports sections of the newspapers and internet. A few weeks ago Wayne Rooney scored against Switzerland and became England’s all time leading goalscorer. Cue lots of media discussion if this meant that he was now the greatest England striker of all time. Was […]

A hot favourite?

Imagine a meeting. With all the words about courts and judges, James is probably picturing a kind of court room, a place where disputes are sorted out, maybe even between fellow Christians. So, picture the scene, the church has gathered to sort out a disagreement between two of its members. The first one arrives, looking […]

Welcome, Travel, Message

I don’t know if you have noticed but we have had a special visitor to the UK during the last week. In fact there have been lots of special visitors. The leaders of the G20 nations, the 20 richest, most influential countries on earth have been in London, with their ministers and advisors. But the […]