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Sent to those we work with

In the weeks leading up to our Easter celebrations we are exploring the way in which Jesus sends us out. This week we’re looking at the idea that we are sent to the people that we work with. Now I know that not everybody here this morning is currently in paid employment. However, that is […]

What King do you see?

Today is the feast day of Christ the King. I wonder what kind of picture comes into our heads when we hear the word, “King”. I wonder how we react to the idea of someone being King over us? What does it mean to have a King? These questions are difficult enough when we’re thinking […]

Encountering God in Work

Last week, Charlie talked about the various amounts of time that he’d calculated he would be spending in various activities in his life. Now, I reckon that I’m going to spend about 83,200 hours of my life working, about 20% of my waking hours. That’s quite a big chunk and if I’m not Encountering God […]