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Facing Opposition

I wonder if you ever get the feeling that there’s always something getting in the way. Somehow life has become one big obstacle course. Now obstacle races can be fun at a school sports day, and some people enjoy adventure racing over assault courses, but when life itself – work, family life, friendships, projects, become […]

Learn, leap, lean

To steal a cliché from the world of sport, it’s a game of two halves, you know. Well, we are now half way through our series thinking about the armour of God. We’ve got our belt of truth, holding everything together. We’ve got our breastplate of righteousness, protecting our hearts. We’ve got our sandals on, […]

Protecting our hearts

You may have picked up from being here last week, or from the slightly different format of the notice sheet, that we are doing something a bit different at the moment in our Bible readings and sermon. For this six week period, leading up to the summer, we are going through this section of Paul’s […]

Shield of Faith

What is it that is distinctive about the shield as a piece of armour that might say something important to us about the nature of faith. Imagine a Roman battle field. In the middle of the fight you see a person, isolated, sheltering behind a shield. It’s a fairly big shield, about as tall and […]

Helmet of Salvation

Equipment lists. I’m sure you’re all familiar with them. You’re starting a new school and it consists of the correct number of sweatshirts, socks, football shirts, all with name tags. You’re going to camp and it’s all sleeping bags, knives and forks and warm clothing. Name tags again. You’re off to college and it’s mostly […]