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Bells and Lights

I wonder if I might begin by sharing a poem with you, written by a bloke called Bob Hartman. Lights and bells, Bells and lights. Cold pale mornings, Long dark nights. As winter’s grey Grabs hold and bites, Christmas comes With sounds and sights. Lights and bells, Bells and lights. Lights and bells, Bells and […]

Being Great

Does anybody here like Talent Shows? I wonder which your favourite one is: Strictly Come Dancing? X-Factor? Great British Bake-Off? In the best traditions of the format, lets have a vote. Who votes for Strictly? X-factor? GBBO? What about the Olympics and Paralympics? Did anybody watch those this summer? Did anybody go to any events? […]


What makes people do the things that they do? What is it that motivates people? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? As I was watching the Olympics a couple of weeks ago these questions were going through my mind a bit. What really struck me was the respect that interviewers and […]