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That I may see

In a moment I would like us to go on a journey in our imagination to Jericho, to experience this meeting between Jesus and the blind man. Before we do that, though, I would like to fill in a bit of the background for us. The first bit of background is to do with what […]

Jonah and the Sailors – Conversion in Action

Our vision in Priorslee is for there to be a new congregation in Priorslee. This will mostly be made up of local people who will have come to faith in Jesus and will have decided to follow him.  This vision will only come into reality if people become Christians, if they convert to Christianity. In […]

Being Great

Does anybody here like Talent Shows? I wonder which your favourite one is: Strictly Come Dancing? X-Factor? Great British Bake-Off? In the best traditions of the format, lets have a vote. Who votes for Strictly? X-factor? GBBO? What about the Olympics and Paralympics? Did anybody watch those this summer? Did anybody go to any events? […]


What are you waiting for? Here are some of things that I am waiting for. I am waiting for England to win the Ashes. I am waiting to find out where my next job will be. I am waiting to meet my new nephew in the New Year. (Nathaniel is really glad that it’s going […]

I am Thomas

Good morning, my name is Thomas. You might have heard of me. I was one of Jesus’ disciples, been with him from when he first started going around the Jewish countryside, teaching, telling stories, healing people. Most people call me doubting Thomas because of something that happened to me at the end of Jesus’ time […]