What’s the choice?

I don’t have any choice. You don’t have a choice. He doesn’t have a choice. These are some of the hardest words that can be spoken or heard in today’s culture. In our country it’s all about choice. Having the right to choose. The right to choose where our kids go to school, the ability to choose where we live, were we work, who we are friends with, who are doctor is, which hospital to go to. The power of people choosing to buy some things and not others is what drives free market economies around the world.

So, how do we feel when we are told that we can’t choose. That we have to continue to live in that house because we can’t sell it. That our kids can’t go to that school because it is full. It seems to me that more and more people are coming to believe that they have a right to choose in every aspect of their lives, and that if they can’t choose then something is badly wrong.

And they’d be right. There is something badly wrong. Actually I think that there are three things that restrict our choice: Illusions, Barriers, and Compulsions.

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