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Following and Learning

I wonder who you follow. Maybe you follow a sports team. Perhaps you follow friends or celebrities on social media. In the world of work there are usually rules or guidelines that we follow. Some of us might work for bosses that we find inspiring, and we’d be happy to say we follow them. For […]

Easter Redux

So, in the last week a couple of months have passed. Did you notice? Let me explain. Last Sunday we were with Jesus’ friends on that first Easter Sunday morning, as they discovered that the tomb was empty. Some of them had seen Jesus, but not many, and they were just starting to get their […]

Their mission, our mission.

In May we had the opportunity to meet together and explore ways of “sharing good news”. A couple of weeks ago we had the Canals Festival. In this next week we are visiting homes in Etruria, surveying people’s thoughts about the community that they live in, about God, and about the church. Tomorrow night we […]