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Bending the Knee

I was at the Potteries Museum on Saturday with the rest of the family. Tabitha has been learning about the Tudors in histroy at school, and they had a Tudor day at the museum, so we all headed along to see what was going on. Well, there were a dozen or so people in Tudor […]

Disciplined Worship

I wonder if you have house rules? And if you do, I wonder how they came to be decided. Let me give you some examples. In our house it’s my job to load the dishwasher and put it on before I go to bed. We didn’t need this rule before we had a dishwasher, and […]

What do you see in the world around you?

Preached on August 13th 2008. Almost one hundred years ago two women died. On this day, in 1910, Florence Nightingale’s life ended. On this day, in 1912, Octavia Hill gave up the ghost. Both of these women had looked at the world as it was in their day, found it lacking, and set about changing […]