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And so we come to the season finale, the episode that draws together a lot of the threads of the story line, but leaves a few hanging out there for the next season, even a bit of a cliff hanger – keeping us intrigued and ready to come back for more when the new season […]

What are you waiting for?

I wonder what you do when you’re waiting for something. I was listening to a radio programme on boredom yesterday and they were talking about people do when they’re bored to fill the time and they mentioned a teacher who used to get so bored in meetings that they would count the window panes in […]

Be kind, rewind.

Do you ever read books or watch films or TV series where the timeline has been messed around with. I watched a film the other day where the first five minutes of the film showed a man grieving over the death of his mother, and then it cut to a scene with the subtitle “two […]