Misha is desperate. She came to the UK from the Czech Republic because she had heard that there was work. She’s been here six months and is still paying back the loan she took out to fund her ticket. Four days ago she got a letter from home. Her little sister, Anya, has taken ill and her parents can’t get hold of the medicine she needs in Prague. Misha goes to the local health centre and asks if they can provide the medicine Anya needs. At first she can’t even make an appointment, but she makes such a nuisance of herself that eventually the receptionist persuades the doctor to see her. The doctor explains the situation to Misha. Anya isn’t even in the UK, and the NHS has a definite rules about the limits of where it can work. It wouldn’t be fair to UK tax payers to pay for medicines for people all over the world.

Sean is desperate. He’s just completed a five year sentence in prison. Because one of the things that got him into trouble were the lads he used to hang out with, part of his bail conditions are that he’s had to move away from his home town. He’s got a little bedsit, but no friends and no family to support him. Sean missed his daughter growing up. She’s seven now. He wants to be able to keep in touch with her, and his ex is OK for him to visit, but he can’t afford to pay the train fare.

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