Weary at Christmas?

I wonder if you are feeling weary today? I know that I am, a little.

I think it might be worth naming some of those things that might be making us feel weary.

They might be health problems, either our own or those of people we are close to. Worry about finances, and how we’re going to pay the bills this winter. Concern for children or grandchildren who don’t know Jesus. The many ongoing tasks of keeping home and family fed, clothed, clean. The expectation of the Christmas season: presents to be bought, people to be entertained, church services to go to. Grief that won’t leave us alone.

It seems to me that the things that make us weary are things that go on for a long time. They wear us out, wear us down, wear through us.

It is with these things in mind that we come to the promises of God we have heard read today.

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