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are a good independent predictor of admission to long term cartier bracelet replica care, and falls are an expensive cause of hospital admissions,1 3 however, the cost of falls in older people in the UK has not been widely studied or quantified.

This study serves two purposes: firstly, it provides a background of the epidemiology, resource use, and cost implications

of falls in the older UK population. Secondly, it provides estimates of the costs of different fall types and by age group.

By calculating these costs, we offer an alternative perspective on the importance of falls compared with other cartier love bracelet knock off epidemiologicalThis cost of illness study uses the standard economic framework to estimate the costs imposed on the NHS and the Personal

Social Services (PSS) from unintentional falls.4 In this study we focus specifically on serious falls. Serious falls are defined here as unintentional falls that result in

injury requiring treatment by accident and emergency (A or hospital inpatient treatment. The national databases for A attendances and hospital inpatient treatment were analysed. Incidence data for 1999 were used throughout, and costs are expressed

in UK pounds for the year 2000.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) collects data from 18 geographically distributed sentinel A departments in the

UK. The Home Accident Surveillance System (HASS) and Leisure Accident Surveillance System (LASS) databases are used to record

mode of arrival at A circumstances of the accident (cause), mens cartier bracelet injury sustained, and deployment (for example, referred to

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