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Date & time Sep 30 '17
Creator LLLOO6

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The watch makes the man

I have a "tide watch" from Rip Curl. It's analog and has tide and moon phases on it. I rarely wear it as the watch (not the band) is quite large and bulky, but I like to wear it for nice occasions or the rare chance I might actually be at a beach. (I how much is a fake cartier ring know I live way too far inland as well as too far north )

Most of the time I wear a Casio "Data Bank" watch. I've had it maybe 4 years. The band wore out so I bought a $10 metal elastic like stretching wristband cartier friendship ring fake that was meant for a Timex, but it works anyways. It's got a bunch of scrapes and some of the paint worn off, but I can still read the knock off men cartier ring time replica cartier love ring diamonds easy, plus it stores phone numbers.

I have two, a Citizens with a diamond chip that was given to me by that company that I worked for as a gift for participating in a special computer project 14 years ago. I wear this to work every day in the kitchen but it's not water proof and I carry in my pocket most of the time. My other watch that I really like is a Bulova that was given to me as a birthday gift about ten years ago. The Citizen watch is five minutes behind . LOL!
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