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Telling Story, Answering Questions

I understand that over the last couple of months you have been working your way through Luke’s account of Jesus’ life, and have, in the weeks since Easter ended up at the beginning of Acts, also written by Luke, just leading up to Pentecost. Have I got that right? This morning, I’d like to start […]

Greater Things

I wonder if you might take a journey with me in your imagination. Imagine that you are one of Jesus’ first followers. Maybe you’re Mary, always ready to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen. Maybe you’re Peter, a bit rough and ready, impulsive sometimes. Perhaps you’re more like Matthew, a civil servant, well educated and […]

All together now…

I wonder if you would do something for me. Would you cross your arms. Now look at them carefully. Which one is on top? Which one as a hand tucked in? Now uncross your arms. Now cross them the other way. Put the other arm on top. Tuck in the other hand. How does that […]

What would Jesus say to the sick?

When Mark suggested that I might like to come and preach here at All Saints, I was very pleased to accept the invitation. When he told me that the subject was “What would Jesus say to the sick” I was even more pleased and also a little daunted. I was pleased because this is a […]

Lost and Found

I wonder what it feels like to be totally lost. As I was thinking about what I was going to say this morning, I was trying to remember a time when I have been lost, and I couldn’t. Of course there have been times when I’ve had difficulty finding the way to the place that […]

Their mission, our mission.

In May we had the opportunity to meet together and explore ways of “sharing good news”. A couple of weeks ago we had the Canals Festival. In this next week we are visiting homes in Etruria, surveying people’s thoughts about the community that they live in, about God, and about the church. Tomorrow night we […]

Mission and Unity

Something very important happened in 1910 in Scotland. An event happened that was the birthplace of one of the most important movements in the modern international church. In 1910, in Edinburgh, there was a World Missionary Conference. Christians from around the world met to think and talk and pray about how God was calling them […]

Say no to cynicism.

Cynicism. Ezekiel faced cynics, Jesus faced cynics, and Paul faced cynics. Those of little faith. Those who could not see past the ordinary. Past the slightly odd priest who was prone to have visions and dreams that were hard to understand. Past the man who we grew up with, whose brothers and sisters we know. […]

Speaking into Silence

I wonder how you feel about silence. What your story of silence is. Last week, when I went on retreat before my ordination, we spent a fair amount of time in what we called silence. But it wasn’t really. Although we weren’t speaking to each other, there was still the sound of the pipes rattling […]

What do you see?

May God be gracious to us and bless usand make his face shine upon us,that your ways may be known on earth,your salvation among all nations. The first verse of this couplet is often used in our services, words of blessing, even greetings cards. It has a lovely ring to it: May God be gracious […]