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Daily Bread

Come with me in your imaginations to the desert of Sin. This is not quite as interesting as it sounds. It’s just a hot, dry place somewhere to the north east of Egypt, between Mount Sinai and the oasis at Elim. The Israelites had been out of Egypt for about a month and a half, […]

Our Father in heaven …

So, Easter has been and gone, we’re working our way through the last of the chocolate eggs and looking forward to the kids going back to school, some sunshine, and the summer holidays starting to appear on the horizon. For the whole of this term here at All Saints we’re going to be exploring prayer, […]

The Lord’s Prayer

I’m really glad this morning to be talking about this prayer. Over my life I’ve had a bit of a strange relationship with it. I remember an assembly I sat in when I was ten. The headmaster was defending the fact that we didn’t have much in the way of prayers in our school assemblies. […]