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Remembrance 2020

In the reading from John’s eye witness account of the good news of Jesus that Doug read for us earlier, we heard Jesus speaking to his disciples. The occasion is a meal, one of many that he would have shared with his friends, but this one was different. This is the last supper that Jesus […]

Sharing Faith

This morning the sermon is going to be a little bit different. Normally I spend most of the time talking about the passages and then make a couple of quick suggestions for how we might put them into practice. This morning it’s going to be the other way round. We’ve been exploring our church’s value […]

Being Accepting

I wonder if you’ve heard the one about the bride preparing for her wedding. She was anxious that she’d forget what order things would happen in during the service, particularly at the beginning when she would be in a bit of a daze. She talked to the vicar about this, and she calmed her down […]


So, we’re starting this term with a couple of sermons looking at big issues that have come up over the last six months or so. This week we’re thinking about Covid-19, and next week we’re going to look at Black Lives Matter, and the challenges of racial inequality. I know that some of you feel […]

Laziness and Work

As I was thinking about this morning’s theme, and the ideas of laziness and diligence that we’re exploring today, I was aware of this real tension that we have to keep hold of as we’re talking about them. On the one hand we’ve got lots of warnings in the Bible about the dangers of laziness, […]

Envy and Compassion

This morning we’re continuing our series looking at heroes and villains in the Bible, and how their stories can help us root out vices in our lives, and to encourage virtues. Our heroes and villains today are some of the most well known in the whole of the Bible. Andrew Lloyd-Webber has helped popularise the […]

Lust and Love

I thought more than twice about changing the subject for this morning’s sermon. It’s difficult enough to speak about these things when I can see who I’m talking to, when I can get some clues about how it’s landing with people. When I know that we’ve got prayer ministry folk around who can come alongside […]

How to Talk

This morning we are coming to the end of our series in which we have been exploring one of our church values, that of “Loving Each Other”. This week we are thinking about “Talking to each other and not about each other” In many ways, this is linked with what David was talking about last […]


As I’ve said, this morning we are exploring one of our church’s values – loving each other, and in particular we are thinking about how we value kindness. Now, one of our other values is celebrating, and I’ve heard it said that you should celebrate what you value. So, this morning, I thought we might […]


This morning we’re going back to exploring one of our church values in some more depth. As a church we value loving God, loving each other, loving our neighbours, celebrating and exploring. Over the next month or so we’re going to be looking at some different aspects of what it means practically to love each […]